Upanel led wall screen


Rugged and Precise

The Upanel is a Front and Rear Service LED tile that is an ideal fit when replacing existing LCD or Rear Projection Cubes. led wall screen


Delvin Design KIRO TV Seattle

Upanel was a prefect fit when KIRO decided to go with 100% seamless LED Walls.  


Wide Viewing angle

165 x 165 Degree Viewing Angle

UPanel Feature Overview


Color Temperature

LED has superior color gamut compared to other display technologies.  


Superior Gray Scale Performance at Low Brightness

With Unilumin's propritary processing black levels do not get "Crushed" at low brightness levels.  


16:9 Aspect Ratio

2 x 2 LED tiles = 16:9

3 x 3 LED tiles = 16:9 

4 x 4 LED tiles = 16:9