led display factory


Our Manufacturing capability

As a leading LED display provider, Unilumin was established in 2004 with registered capital of USD 86.3 million and was listed in 2011.Unilumin is the first public Chinese LED display company with more than 210,000 sqm. plant and advanced automated assembly lines.  Unilumin has over 2,000 employees with 260 R&D personnel. Our engineering and technical support team comprises of 120 professional staff. High-performance products, integrated solutions and professional service have always been the center of our goals, we have a dedicated team of 70 employees in our QC department. Our Central lab occupies about 1000 square meter and has over 60 QC testing devices.


Unilumin is a World top 3 LED Wall provider

World Class LED SMD and Thru Hole production lines in Unilumin's state of the art led display factory


We have OEM/ODM relationships with world class companies worldwide


Subsidiaries include ROE Visual and LAMP, Guangdong Unilumin, Aogled and Hanyuan Lighting. In 2016, Unilumin established its branch in Moscow, Russia.


Shenzhen Factory

The size and scale of the Unilumin Factories is astonishing!  Customers are routinely invited  to visit the our factories to see our capabilities and for factory acceptance testing for larger projects.  


Pingshan Factory